History of Architecture and Restoration (With Thesis)

İKÜ Department of Architecture was divided into various programs as of 2004-2005 academic year. The Architectural History and Restoration Master’s degree program was established within this framework and started accepting students in the 2008-2009 academic year. History of Architecture and Restoration Program teaches students the restoration theories, modern conservation principles, the documentation of cultural assets, the analysis of traditional materials and methods of conservation, architectural trends and examples in Turkey, traditional structural systems and problems, national and international legal and organizational regulations on conservation of historical buildings restitution, restoration and preparation of reuse projects, evaluation of historical areas, morphology and typology studies, archeological site conservation examples from Turkey and the world, new structure approaches in historic areas, development of conservation and rehabilitation projects for historic areas within the framework of conservation of the single structure and historical environment scale and at least two term projects are required. The project subjects are selected from the historical monuments and environments in Anatolia as much as possible and it is aimed that the students will be able to know and study the characteristics of different areas outside of İstanbul. Urbanism (History of Architecture and Restoration Program) is also enriched by conferences of local and foreign experts and joint projects and workshops carried out in İstanbul and abroad with some European universities. Students who complete their courses which continue for two semesters work on their thesis with subjects chosen with their supervisors.

Period of Study 

Program with Thesis: 2 Academic Years (4 Semesters)

  • The medium of instruction in History of Architecture and Restoration Program is Turkish.
  • The program is a master’s degree program with thesis.
  • History of Architecture and Restoration Program is 120 ECTS in total.
  • 4-year undergraduate architecture graduates can apply to the Architecture Master’s Degree Program. Graduates of the 4-year Art History, Conservation and Restoration of Movable Cultural Heritage and Archeology undergraduate programs can also apply to the program.
  • For students who do not graduate from the related department, a "Preparatory Program" with a content and duration to be determined by the Department may be required.
  • In order to graduate, students must prepare “Master's Thesis” in addition to the normal course load.
  • In order to apply to the program, it is required to take the ALES exam and get a minimum score of 55 from the quantitative score type.


The place of conservation education is indisputable in our country which has a special importance with its rich historical accumulation. However, wrong decisions and unqualified practices in this context cause irreversible damages to cultural assets and environments. The aim of the History of Architecture and Restoration Program is to eliminate this basic deficiency and to provide the architects with specialized training about the conservation of a single building and historic environment.

History of Architecture and Restoration Program aims to train experts who have experience in the principles of contemporary conservation, conservation in single building and urban scale and giving information about new technologies in these areas, preparing inventory, building surveys of single structures, preparing restitution and restoration projects and developing conservation proposals for historical environments. Graduates who complete their training in History of Architecture and Restoration Program will have the opportunity to work on cultural heritage management, inventory preparation, architectural documentation, restitution and restoration projects, urban conservation and rehabilitation projects, reuse of industrial heritage and design of new buildings in historical environment.  

Prof.Dr. Esra Bostancıoğlu 
Head of Department

Apply Now


During the application candidates must bring the following: 

  • Copy of Diploma or Temporary Graduation Certificate,
  • Copy of Transcript,
  • Copy of ALES Certificate,
  • Certificate of Military Service Status (For male candidates),
  • 2 passport photos,
  • Copy of the Identity Card,
  • Copy of the Foreign Language Certificate for PhD Programs,

During the final registration students must submit the following:

  • Certified copy of Diploma or Temporary Graduation Certificate,
  • Certified copy of Transcript,
  • ALES Certificate, (To be printed out at the Institute.)
  • Original of Military Service Status (For male candidates),
  • 6 passport photos,
  • Foreign Language Certificate for PhD Programs, (To be printed out at the Institute)
  • First installment of Tuition Fee,
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