Istanbul Kültür University Institute of Graduate Studies Spring Term Applications Starts

Istanbul Kültür University (IKU) Graduate Education Institute Spring Term applications have started. Online applications to IKU Graduate Education Institute, which has 67 master's with thesis and non-thesis and 11 doctorate programs in 20 main branches of science and 4 main branches of art, will continue until February 5, 2021.

Istanbul Kültür University offers a wide range of graduate education programs for candidates who aim to turn the COVID 19 pandemic into opportunities for individual and career development. Graduate education programs, where applications can be made online at, also attract attention with alternative scholarship opportunities.

IKU, which has been offering alternative programs for people who have recently received their undergraduate degree, those who have recently graduated and are currently working but want to continue their education and improve their professional development, and those who want to receive postgraduate education for many years, also stand out with scholarship opportunities in this field.

Offering 25% discount to the members of Istanbul Bar Association in Private Law / Public Law graduate programs, our university offers a 50% discount for the permanent teachers in private schools and subject to the civil servant staff numbered 657 working in Istanbul.

The scholarship criteria of IKU in graduate education, which has achievement scholarships up to 100 percent in graduate and doctorate degrees according to ALES and undergraduate diploma grade, are as follows: Students whose ALES score is 85 and above and a bachelor's degree of 3.50 and above is 100 percent; Candidates with an ALES score of 80 and above and a bachelor's degree of 3.25 and above are 75 percent; Candidates with an ALES score of 75 and above and a bachelor's degree of 3.00 and above can receive a master's degree with 50 percent scholarship.

In order to do doctorate with scholarship at IKU, for 100 percent scholarship: ALES score of 85 and above, undergraduate diploma grade of 3.00 and above, graduate diploma grade of 3.50 and above; For 75% scholarship, ALES score of 80 and above, undergraduate diploma score of 3.00 and above, graduate diploma score of 3.25 and above must meet the criteria at the same time. The criteria determined for 50 percent scholarship in the doctorate are as follows: ALES score should be 75 and above, undergraduate diploma score should be 3.00 and above, and graduate diploma score should be 3.00 and above.

Stating that during the pandemic period in IKU, the postgraduate education service was provided through the corporate distance education solution CATS, IKU Graduate Education Director Prof. Dr. Tunç Mısırlıoğlu summarized the master's and doctorate education processes in the digital environment as follows: “In the past nine months, it has been observed that our students have learned how to conduct research, organize research findings and ideas, formulate their views on certain topics, form more academic sentences and put them in writing. Of course, this process can be slow and difficult; however, it can change students' habits as a form of physical and mental exercise. Eventually, skills such as mental development, creativity, critical-analytical thinking, innovativeness, communication, emotional intelligence and problem solving abilities will be developed. These skills are the elements that employers increasingly demand from graduates in the 21st century. ”

Candidates can apply for detailed information and application of master's and doctoral programs within the Graduate Education Institute until February 5, 2021 at