Production Economics Master's Program (Without Thesis)

Production Economics Master's Program focuses on how innovation in production technologies and production systems change the structure of production and labor around the world, and the changing management of production in this ever-changing structure.

In a competitive world order, countries improve their economies with the quality and quantity of their production. Therefore, every country's economy needs economists who are aware of the important role of production in development. The aim of Production Economics Master’s Program is to educate graduates specialized in the field of production economics and researchers who can conduct scientific studies in this field.


Program without Thesis : 3 Semesters

  • Program consists of 30 credit/hours.
  • The medium of instruction is Turkish.
  • In order to graduate, students must prepare “Term Project” in addition to the normal course load.
  • Evaluations in Production Economics Program will be based on GPA and interview.
  • The program runs from 18:00 to 22:00.

Program Opening Periods: Applications to the program are accepted in the Fall and Spring semesters.


Doç. Dr. Deniz Dilara DereliDear gradute student candidates,

We aim to provide researchers with four different programs in postgraduate education as Istanbul Kültür University Department of Economics. Our programs; Managerial Economics (with and without Thesis), Monetary and Capital Markets (with and without Thesis), Production Economics (without Thesis) and International Economics and Finance (with and without Thesis). As the Department of Economics, we have a principle where theoretical knowledge is fed by practical applications in education. We strongly believe that it is substantial for the candidates participating in the program to have strong academic goals and investigative and questioning features. Today, the graduate education has become an imperative in the competitive conditions, thus this leads to a variety of alternatives in this regard. As The Department of Economics, we provide a rich variety of course contents with a dynamic academic staff.

Head of Department of Economics
Assoc. Prof. Deniz Dilara Dereli

Apply Now


During the application candidates must bring the following:

  • Copy of Diploma or Temporary Graduation Certificate,
  • Copy of Transcript,
  • Copy of ALES Certificate, (ALES certificate is not required for Non-Thesis Programs)
  • Certificate of Military Service Status (For male candidates),
  • 2 passport photos,
  • Copy of the Identity Card,
  • Copy of the Foreign Language Certificate for PhD Programs,

During the final registration students must submit the following:


  • Certified copy of Diploma or Temporary Graduation Certificate,
  • Certified copy of Transcript,
  • ALES Certificate, (To be printed out at the Institute.)
  • Original of Military Service Status (For male candidates),
  • 6 passport photos,
  • Foreign Language Certificate for PhD Programs, (To be printed out at the Institute)
  • First installment of Tuition Fee,
Head of M.S.
Assoc. Prof. Deniz Dilara Dereli
  (0212) 498 44 43