Private Law Master’s Degree Program (Thesis/Without Thesis)

The aim of the program is to teach all branches of law in the field of private law without neglecting the international and transnational aspect while prioritizing the national nature of the science of law and to base it upon an objective evaluation. The main objective and characteristic of the program is to train lawyers who have the ability to monitor the changes and developments in the fields of Family Law, Law of Obligations, Commercial Law, Competition Law, Intellectual and Industrial Property Law, Banking and Insurance Law, which constitute the content of economic law; and who have the ability to solve the legal problems in these areas in accordance with reason and justice.

Period of Study

Program with Thesis: 2 Academic Years (4 Semesters)

• Graduates of the Faculty of Law can apply to the Private Law Master’s Degree Program.
• The medium of instruction is Turkish.
• The program consists of a total of 21 credits/hours and a thesis.
• The course load of the program is 8 courses with one compulsory course and seven elective courses for the first two semesters.
• In order to graduate, students must prepare “Master's Thesis” in addition to the normal course load.
• The program is conducted on weekdays.
• To be a graduate of the Faculty of Law,
• To enter ALES in the last 5 years and get a minimum score of 55 from the equally-weighted score type,

Program Opening Periods

Applications to the program are accepted twice a year in the Fall and Spring semesters.

In 2003, our department started to provide postgraduate education in the field of Private Law. Private Law Master’s Degree and Doctoral programs continue with the strengthening academic staff. It is our rightful pride and source of honor that the permission required for opening of the PhD program in Law was given to our university first among the foundation universities by the Council of Higher Education in 2003.
For this purpose, with our private law master’s degree and doctoral programs, we aim to train lawyers who are able to combine theoretical knowledge with application which is necessary for the teaching of law, who have the ability to follow new knowledge and approaches in their field, who are in search of science, and who are experts in their field. I believe that participating in our master’s degree and doctoral programs will contribute greatly to the professional lives of all lawyers who want to do academic and in-depth study.
Prof. Dr. Merih Kemal OMAĞ
Head of the Department of Private Law
Apply Now


During the application candidates must bring the following: 

  • Copy of Diploma or Temporary Graduation Certificate,
  • Copy of Transcript,
  • Copy of ALES Certificate, (ALES certificate is not required for Non-Thesis Programs)
  • Certificate of Military Service Status (For male candidates),
  • 2 passport photos,
  • Copy of the Identity Card,
  • Copy of the Foreign Language Certificate for Ph.D. Programs,


During the final registration students must submit the following:


  • Certified copy of Diploma or Temporary Graduation Certificate,
  • Certified copy of Transcript,
  • ALES Certificate, (To be printed out at the Institute.)
  • Original of Military Service Status (For male candidates),
  • 6 passport photos,
  • Foreign Language Certificate for Ph.D. Programs, (To be printed out at the Institute)
  • The First installment of Tuition Fee,
Program Head
Prof. Dr. Merih Kemal OMAĞ
  (0212) 498 4671