Business Administration Master’s Degree Program (Thesis)

The aim of İKÜ Institute of Social Sciences Graduate Programs in Business Administration is to equip candidates who have completed their higher education in business or non-business fields, preferably employees who have experience, with the latest developments in business and management, to renew their knowledge, to give them a deeper knowledge about business administration and to show how to use the existing knowledge in business administration, to develop the ability of decision making by systematically analyzing the relationships between functions and seeing each enterprise as a whole.

Program with Thesis:  4 Semesters

  • The medium of instruction of the program is Turkish.
  • Master of Business Administration with thesis consists of 120 ECTS in total.
  • Students are required to prepare a “Master’s Thesis” in addition to the normal course load in order to graduate from the Master’s Degree Program with thesis.

Program Opening Periods: Applications to the program are accepted in the Fall and Spring semesters.

The mission of the Department of Business Administration Master’s Degree Programs is to raise qualified individuals who are knowledgeable, culturally and socially equipped, can think freely, combine theory and practice; to produce critical information in the light of universal values and to provide an environment to help students develop their skills through modern teaching techniques.
Our Business Administration Master’s degree programs are open to students who wish to gain a business mission after their undergraduate studies. It is ideal for students who want to advance their career by taking their education to the next level or who want to continue their post-graduate doctoral program.

Prof. Dr. Evren AYRANCI

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During the application candidates must bring the following:

  • Copy of Diploma or Temporary Graduation Certificate,
  • Copy of Transcript,
  • Copy of ALES Certificate,
  • Certificate of Military Service Status (For male candidates),
  • 2 passport photos,
  • Copy of the Identity Card,
  • Copy of the Foreign Language Certificate for PhD Programs.


During the final registration students must submit the following:


  • Certified copy of Diploma or Temporary Graduation Certificate,
  • Certified copy of Transcript,
  • ALES Certificate, (To be printed out at the Institute.
  • Original of Military Service Status (For male candidates),
  • 6 passport photos,
  • Certificate of Residence,
  • Foreign Language Certificate for PhD Programs, (To be printed out at the Institute)
  • First installment of Tuition Fee,
Program With Thesis  


Head of Department
Prof. Dr. Evren AYRANCI
  (0212) 498 47 51