Innovation Management Master's Program (With Thesis)

IKU Institute of Graduate Education Innovation Management Master Program with Thesis, aims to carry out an interdisciplinary approach beyond traditional techniques. Our program, which continues its activities in the fields of management and organization, innovation, project management, strategy and financing, provides training to meet the needs of the students in order to ensure that the large companies that become cumbersome are able to survive with new initiatives and contribute to the long-term success of small businesses in the sector. In this process, our students' curriculum is equipped with lessons that will increase their awareness about the characteristics of the entrepreneur, gain entrepreneurial attitudes and skills, and raise awareness about creating new jobs and employment as well as theoretical and practical courses. In this program, which aims to train corporate entrepreneurs as well as independent entrepreneurs who will start their own businesses, it is aimed to raise individuals who can adapt to today's technological developments.
The multi-curricular curriculum of the program, created by taking into account the fact that the diversity in terms of observation and knowledge gives the ability to think comprehensively and critically, allows not only entrepreneurship graduates but also candidates for students who graduate from different disciplines such as economics, finance, business, international trade, marketing or international relations. In our program, where students are encouraged to work in interdisciplinary studies, the synergy they will create with the combination of different students will be the key to many doors when our academics are reinforced with the theoretical and practical lessons.

Innovation Management Master's Program (With Thesis):  The program duration is 6 semesters. (Lecture periods are 4 semesters at most)

  • Medium of Innovation Management Master's Program With Thesis is Turkish.
  • The program includes master's options with thesis.
  • Innovation Management Master Program with Thesis is 120 ECTS in total.
  • In order to graduate from the Innovation Management Master's Program, students have to prepare a “Master's Thesis” in addition to the normal course load.

Program Opening Periods: Program registrations are made in the Fall and Spring semesters.

Hatice Nazan ÇağlarDear Students, 

Our “Graduate Program in Innovation Management”, is among the newly opened first higher education programs in this field in Turkey. The program mainly aims to instil students in the importance of interdisciplinary work in an entrepreneur's world. Although entrepreneurship is a new concept today, it is seen that it is very difficult to dominate some concepts and contents in today's rapidly changing world. However, it would not be wrong to say that we are facing a period in which new vehicles and methods are added every day. For this reason, in order to be able to follow our developing, changing and adaptive world, not to be a stranger and to take part in the developments personally, the equipment of entrepreneurial individuals as well as their exteriors should step on solid foundations.

One of the main features that make an entrepreneur unique is the ability to “use information in different forms and turn it into success at the appropriate time”. In order to consolidate and encourage the foundation of this success, the “Innovation Management Master Program”, which we have established under the Department of Innovation Management, aims to provide students with the necessary training to create employment by producing marketable, permanent economic products and services. In this program, which aims to train corporate entrepreneurs as well as independent entrepreneurs who will set up their own businesses, it is aimed to provide the necessary equipment to enable social entrepreneurs, who can adapt to today's technological developments, to take an active role in corporate entrepreneurship activities and to convert them into opportunities by defining the gaps that cannot be filled by the private sector or the public. This hardware is realized by gaining comprehensive and critical thinking ability in terms of observation and information. For this reason, our graduate program also allows candidateship for students graduating from different disciplines.

I would like to express that we will be happy to see you with our academic staff, who emphasize the importance of interdisciplinary work and encourage them in every direction. We wish to meet with you students who have been trained in different fields in the new period, can blend knowledge on an interactive platform and have different professional experiences.


Head of the Department
Assist. Prof. H. Nazan ÇAĞLAR
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During the registration conditions for all programs, 

  • Photocopy of the Diploma or Temporary Graduation Certificate,
  • Transcript copy,
  • Photocopy of ALES Certificate,
  • Military Status Document (For male candidates),
  • 2 Passport Photos
  • Population Wallet Photocopy

During the final registration,


  • Certified copy of the Diploma or Temporary Graduation Certificate,
  • Transcript approved copy,
  • ALES Certificate, (Output at the Institute)
  • Original Military Service Document (For male candidates),
  • 6 Passport Photos
  • The first instalment of the Tuition Fee.
Program with Thesis  


  • Assist. Prof. H.Nazan Çağlar        Head of the Department of Entrepreneurship 
  • Prof.Dr. Mahmut Paksoy        Department of Business Administration
  • Assist. Prof. Seray Begüm Teraman Department of Entrepreneurship 
  • Assist. Prof. Artür Yetvart Mumcu      Department of Entrepreneurship 
  • Assist. Prof. Andaç Toksoy           Department of Business Administration
  • Assist. Prof. Murat Taha Bilişik       Department of Business Administration
Head of the Department
Assist. Prof. Nazan Çağlar
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Research Assistant Elanur Türküz
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