Architectural Engineering Master’s Degree Program (Thesis/Without Thesis)

Ever-changing building technologies require the effective and correct use of the complicating building. On the other hand, the growing structure scale and the fact that a significant part of our country is located in the earthquake zone necessitates deeper knowledge on the carrier system and professional structures that require more awareness and expertise. In this context, it is expected that architects who will take a professional role in the sector will benefit from physical environmental factors at the highest level and have the ability to design using these data. İKÜ Department of Architecture, Architectural Engineering Master’s Degree Program aims to educate professionals who have high technical expertise in the complex and building system due to the importance of system interactions in the quality and performance of the building, integrating them between different systems (service systems, carrier system) and using them effectively and correctly.

The field of Architectural Engineering is divided into two main areas: Environmental Control and Carrier Systems.

Environmental Control is an area where it is aimed to be healthy and comfortable as well as to be conscious about energy usage and environment and to take maximum advantage of physical environmental factors. It is among the objectives of the environmental control department to raise architects who are able to evaluate the effects of light, sound and fire factors on the environment by using various simulation techniques and have the ability to design an energy-efficient sustainable artificial environment.

The growing building scale necessitates to deepen the carrier system knowledge of the architect in building design. Particularly, the fact that a significant part of our country is in the earthquake region makes this even more important with the growing structure scale.

Sustainable artificial environment design, Heating-cooling ventilation (air conditioning systems), Health Equipment, Architectural acoustics, Architectural lighting, Fire protection in buildings, Ground and earthquake, Advanced carrier systems are some of the research areas covered in the program.

Period of Study
Program with Thesis: 2 Academic Years (4 Semesters)

Program without Thesis: 1 Academic Year (2 Semesters)

  • The medium of instruction in Architectural Engineering Program is Turkish.
  • The program is a master’s degree program with/without thesis.
  • Architectural Engineering Program is 120 ECTS.
  • Graduates of a 4-year undergraduate architecture program can apply to the Architecture Master’s Degree Program. Graduates of 4-year civil engineering undergraduate programs can also apply.
  • For students who do not graduate from the related department, a "Preparatory Program" with a content and duration to be determined by the Department may be required.
  • In order to graduate, students must prepare “Master's Thesis” in addition to the normal course load. (Program with thesis).
  • In order to apply to the program, it is required to take ALES exam and get a minimum score of 55 from the qualitative score type (Program with thesis).

Program Opening Periods:

Applications to the program are accepted twice a year in the Fall and Spring semesters.

The Department of Architecture of İstanbul Kültür University is structured within the framework of providing the individual with the responsibility and skill of thinking, questioning, seeking answers and restructuring to the individual who will continue his life-long architectural education. It aims to educate researchers and practitioners who are equipped with the necessary knowledge in the context of theory and practice in the graduate programs that will form the continuation of this understanding of education. In this context, Architectural Engineering, master’s degree program with thesis aims to provide the student with the ability to access, evaluate and interpret information by conducting scientific research. In addition to gaining the ability to conduct research with scientific methods, it aims to train qualified graduates equipped with advanced technology and knowledge that are required at national and international level; to educate professionals who have high technical expertise and integrate different systems (service systems, carrier system) effectively and correctly.
Prof. Dr. Esra Bostancıoğlu
Department Head

Apply Now


During the application candidates must bring the following: 

  • Copy of Diploma or Temporary Graduation Certificate,
  • Copy of Transcript,
  • Copy of ALES Certificate, (ALES certificate is not required for Non-Thesis Programs)
  • Certificate of Military Service Status (For male candidates),
  • 2 passport photos,
  • Copy of the Identity Card,
  • Copy of the Foreign Language Certificate for PhD Programs,

During the final registration students must submit the following: 


  • Certified copy of Diploma or Temporary Graduation Certificate,
  • Certified copy of Transcript,
  • ALES Certificate, (To be printed out at the Institute.)
  • Original of Military Service Status (For male candidates),
  • 6 passport photos,
  • Foreign Language Certificate for PhD Programs, (To be printed out at the Institute)
  • First installment of Tuition Fee,
Program with Thesis  
Program without Thesis  


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